Savoie Construction

Making Dreams Come True Since 1975

Building a new home or a new business is one of the biggest investments you can make. You are literally building the foundation for your future for what will most likely become the home that stays with your family from generation to generation.

At Savoie Construction, our mission is to take the dream home you have imagined in your mind and your heart, and bring it into reality. We understand that this is no simple task, and we have developed the tools, the team and the infrastructure to make it happen.

Savoie Construction


Not Your Average Home Builder

Savoie Construction has been providing building services in the New Orleans Metropolitan area since 1975. Since this time, we have grown into much more than just a lone builder working out of a single truck.

As opposed to many other building operations you might encounter, we have grown into a sophisticated, organized and well-equipped business. Working out of our offices in Slidell, Louisiana, we have administrative staff, full-time construction crews, realtors and very experienced and talented managers.

A Family Owned and Operated Louisiana Business

While we have grown to incorporate many capabilities of a larger company, we are still a family business.

Our founder, Alvin Savoie, founded Savoie Construction in 1975 and built the company and its reputation for quality and service until his passing in 2005. Ross Savoie is now the 2nd generation owner and operator and continues in the tradition of his father by offering that same level of high quality service that people have come to expect from the Savoie Construction name.

As our team has grown, we have added new capabilities which allow us to reach more people, offer more diverse services and ultimately complete more projects with satisfied customers. All the while, we remain committed to providing superior customer service, truly getting to know the goals and dreams of each client.

Areas We Service

Based in Slidell, Louisiana, Savoie Construction provides residential and commercial construction services throughout the greater New Orleans Metro area. We frequently complete projects in:

  • New Orleans
  • The Southshore
  • Slidell
  • Covington
  • Mandeville


We will travel to other communities in this area. If you are unsure as to whether or not we provide service in your area, please contact our offices by calling 985-643-9546.